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What is The Daniel Plan?

The Simple Six: Core Principles & Action Steps

  1. CONNECT for Success
    Ask a friend or two to join or support you on your journey because “we’re better together.” Start or join a small group. Online groups available too.
  2. RELY on God's Power
    Seek God’s power to help make changes to your health and life.
  3. EAT Delicious Whole Foods
    Have 70% of your daily diet consist of whole, living foods including raw or lightly cooked vegetables, fruit, raw nuts and seeds. The other 30% can include lean protein, whole grains and starchy vegetables.
    • Don’t drink your calories (sodas, juices, alcohol). Drink water instead.
    • Read the label: Avoid high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, nitrates, food coloring.
    • Avoid the “white menaces,” flour, rice, potatoes and sugar (bread, pasta, cookies, cakes).
    • Supplement your diet with high quality vitamins Omega-3, Vit. D, and a multi-vitamin.
    • Eat nutritious breakfast that includes protein. Add healthy snacks throughout the day. Low fat lunches. Light dinners (don’t eat within three hours of bedtime).
  4. MOVE Your Way to Health
    Stay active daily. Find ways to enjoy exercise. God made our bodies for movement.
  5. THINK Sharper and Smarter
    Your decisions about the way you eat, move and think are results of your brain health.
    • Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Stress less with deep breathing and exercise.
    • Reverse risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s by learning something new: language, scripture.
    • Avoid brain robbers like; alcohol, drugs, smoking, and sports that can cause concussions.
    • Don’t believe the automatic negative thoughts in your head. Challenge and replace them with the truth!
  6. HEAL for Life
    Develop a strategy that makes The Daniel Plan a permanent part of your life.