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Posted by David Jahr

Daniel G. Amen, MD shows brain scans of actual patients to reveal how your brain health is linked to your overall health. He has examined more than 60,000 brain scans using Brain SPECT Imaging (single photon emission computed tomography), which looks at blood flow and activity patterns in the brain. In this 11-minute video from his office, he shows a healthy brain compared to a retired NFL football player, an alcoholic, and other with head injuries--and ways to reverse damage done to the brain.

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Posted by Tracy Meier 2/17/2011 1:33:00 PM
What an "eye opener" Boy does this make a great deal of sense! I have experienced watching someone go through many ill choices and is now a great deal better due to better diet and exercise. Thank you for the insight.
Posted by jan 5/9/2011 5:01:00 PM
I had a brain injury on the frontal lobes from an auto accident. I had bad amnesia and anomia, whereas I forgot the names of nouns. I could not talk properly in that I did not remeber what things were called, such as book, car, chair, pizza, etc. My brain forgot how I would walk then I couldn't walk. I got better and part of my healing was eating right suppliments, lots of rest sleep, cutting things out of my life that over stressed my brain, kept my brain active by working, and patient with the process. I lived the process and it works.
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