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Give us today our daily bread.—Matthew 6:11 NIV The Bible doesn’t say, “Give us today our weekly bread” or “Give us today our yearly bread.” God wants you to trust him one day at a time....
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You looked in the fruit and vegetable aisle. You saw how fresh and green the broccoli looks, so you decided to take a couple of stalks, but not before doing a double take on the price. You sighed, put the broccoli back, and then headed on over to the "dead aisles"; the Alzheimer’s and high blood pressure aisles, attractively lined with man-made, processed foods filled with sugar and salt to draw you in....
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Time is a commodity these days as our obligations increase. Unfortunately, our health often becomes shortchanged as we pack in more responsibilities and a drive-thru or ordering-in seems like the fastest and best food choices, contributing to our ever-expanding diabesity epidemic....
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Alternative milks are a great substitute or upgrade from standard dairy milk. The tendency when swapping out milk is to purchased boxed milks; however, it’s simple to make a number of alternative milks at home each week that can save you money....
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Eating fish is good for your health. However, when it comes to choosing which fish to eat, it pays to be extremely picky. We live in a polluted environment and so do the fish we consume. Thus, the downside to eating fish is that they contain heavy metals, especially mercury, as well as pesticides, organic solvents and a host of other chemicals. Ingesting these chemical containing fish can actually negate the health benefit of the fish oil and even be harmful. These chemicals can have a detrimental effect on our neurological system, hormonal system, reproductive system and more....
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“I get so confused choosing the right oils and differentiating between different kinds of fats,” writes this week’s house call. “I watched a 60 Minutes episode that showed olive oil imported from Italy wasn’t really olive oil. And the other day, I went to the supermarket to pick up coconut oil and it said palm oil on the back. How can I make sense about these healthy fats amidst the confusion and deception?” Honestly, even among people “in the know,” it can be a real challenge choosing the right kinds of fats and oils. Quality ultimately becomes key here. Today we will discuss olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil – to help you make the best choices....
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No need to subsist on juices and herbs. These whole foods support your body’s innate ability to detoxify on a daily basis. Lemon-juice flushes. Coffee enemas. Fruit-only diets. With funky programs like these flourishing, it’s no wonder many people dismiss detoxing as a perennial fad. But don’t be too quick to reject the idea of detoxification altogether. Eating to promote your body’s natural detox functions can help you look and feel better every day — without extreme interventions....
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I have given you the seed-bearing plants throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food. —Genesis 1:29 TLB As you start to eat real food, your cravings and addictions will be replaced by deep pleasure and satisfaction from naturally sweet things, such as a variety of delicious fruits, as well as vegetables like red bell peppers. Dr. Mark Hyman says, “The power of real food creates an abundant, healthy life. You can get the most powerful life-giving energy from your food.”...
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For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. —Isaiah 41:13 Ask yourself, “If I could realize or accomplish anything related to my health and fitness, without fear of failure, what would it be?” Let yourself dream as big as you can....
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My upbringing was a very blessed one. I come from a family where my mother and father loved one another, and are still married after 43 years. My sisters and I were raised fully understanding that we were put here on earth to serve the purpose that God had given us from birth. My parents not only taught us this lesson, but also exemplified it. They were strong pillars in the community, and always gave to those in need. So, growing up as a child, I was confident in my faith and believed that God would take care of me. ...
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