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How does gratitude develop my faith? It happens when times are tough — when things don’t make sense, when you can’t figure it out, when your prayers are unanswered, when everything is going the way yo...
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Richard and his wife were a part of the original Daniel Plan launch in 2011. After the buzz from the initial months of the plan ended, their willpower ran out. They slowly went back to their old ways and weights. Here is Robert’s story of how the right perspective on healthy lifestyle changes, a great support system, and relying on God makes all the difference in the world. ...
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I am grateful. Grateful for everything God has done to reveal His love for me. Thankful I have the ability to write these words, and enter into a new day. Gratitude trumps any feeling I may have, because expressing gratitude is within my reach....
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A colorful breakfast with Mexican flavor and flair. Black beans are high in protein and fiber; avocado adds satisfying, healthy fat; corn tortillas are gluten free; and cilantro is a detoxifying herb. A great way to start the day....
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Nothing can change the lives of people like the Bible. I’ve seen alcoholics and addicts get their lives sober and clean because they started reading the Bible....
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Michael’s first exposure to The Daniel Plan was in 2011 when unhealthy habits, depression, and anxiety were taking a toll on his family. His story is one of hope, willpower, and what happens when you surrender it all to God’s transforming power....
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The core principles within The Daniel Plan equip you to reclaim and restore your health. Making healthy choices in the Essential life areas of Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus and Friends combine and collaborate to create long-term sustainable results....
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We are excited that you have started your journey toward better health through The Daniel Plan. By incorporating the Daniel Plan Essentials: Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus and Friends, you will learn to make healthy choices that will transform your health....
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The first step in forgiveness is admitting your guilt. Then, you have to accept responsibility for your sin....
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Often when we want to change something with our health, we get lured into thinking it will require signing a contract of deprivation. We’re not thrilled about the idea of giving up things we enjoy....
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