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Burst Training

By Daniel G. Amen, MD

Get the most out of your aerobic exercise with burst training. If you want a higher calorie burner, a faster fat burner, a greater mood enhancer, and a better brain booster, try burst training. Also known as interval training, burst training involves 60-second bursts at high intensity followed by a few minutes of lower-intensity exertion.

This is the type of workout I do, and it works. Scientific evidence says so. A 2006 study from researchers at the University of Guelph in Canada found that doing high-intensity burst training burns fat faster than continuous moderately intensive activities.

If you want to burn calories with bursts, do intense exercise, such as fast walking (walking as if you were late for an appointment), for 30 minutes at least 4-5 times a week.

In addition, in each of these sessions, you are to do four 1-minute bursts. These short bursts are essential to get the most out of your training. Short burst training helps raise endorphins, lift your mood, and make you feel more energized. They also burn more calories and fat than continuous moderate exercise.

Here is a sample of a heart-pumping 30-minute workout with bursts:

Sample Burst Training Workout

3 minutes warm up
4 minutes fast walking (walk like you are late)
1 minute burst (run or walk as fast as you can)
4 minutes fast walking
1 minute burst
4 minutes fast walking
1 minute burst
4 minutes fast walking
1 minute burst
4 minutes fast walking
3 minutes cool down

If you can’t devote an entire 30 minutes to an aerobic burst routine, don’t throw in the towel. Research from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston shows that just 10 minutes of vigorous exercise can spark metabolic changes that promote fat burning, calorie burning, and better blood sugar control for at least an hour.

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