Why is it that before we admit we need help, we often have to hit bottom? When we first met Sandra Menna, she was at rock bottom. After losing both her mother and her husband within six months of each other, Sandra was overwhelmed. When her sister convinced her to accompany her to Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, Sandra met The Daniel Plan, and felt the hand of hope.

Fitness to the Rescue
Where do you go when you’ve lost everything? That’s how life had become for me until The Daniel Plan came along. I was taking care of all the financial, physical, and mental responsibilities after the death of my mother and husband. My house was falling apart and I had no idea what to do. I was feeling numb and sick so I went to the doctor to find out how long I had to live because I felt like I had all of my husband’s cancer symptoms and I really thought I was dying. I was beyond overwhelmed.

My sister had been staying with me to help take care of my husband while he was sick and was attending church with me. I had a gym membership, but after she told me about the church’s Daniel Plan and their weekly Walk and Worship fitness program, I decided to check it out. I enjoyed it so much I tried out the Saturday morning Boot Camp as well.

It was wonderful to be surrounded by Christians in such a positive atmosphere. I felt God’s presence and love through the exercise. Before long, I found I did not need the anti-anxiety medicine my doctor had prescribed.


I realized God still had a purpose for me. I’d attended grief counseling during Mom’s illness, but had to leave when my husband got sicker. Now I was ready to return. I requested therapy from my church and went to Daniel Plan exercise classes on the church campus at least three times a week.

I know that if it hadn’t been for the services provided by my church, I would still be in a deep depression. Now, I am feeling stronger and healthier. My Christian neighbors and small group have helped me out tremendously. I am so impressed with all the professionalism, love, and care I have received from every Daniel Plan instructor.

Today Sandra is proud to say she can “last” the full hour during the Saturday Boot Camp sessions.  She is looking forward to what God has in store for her and is inspired to serve others. Fitness and the support Sandra found made all the difference in restoring her life.