Melissa’s amazing journey will inspire you to get up and get moving. She reminds us that change is always possible with God — no matter who you are or what you want to achieve with your health.

My name is Melissa Harp. I am from Tahlequah, Oklahoma. I’m 37 years old and a believer in God for 28 years. I am a wife and mom. My son is Riley and he’s 3 years old. He is very active and spirited to say the least. I was having a hard time keeping up with him, due to my excess weight, and I knew something needed to change. For months my prayer was for just that—change. One day I started working out and watching what I ate. My mother-in-law, Sally, a tiny and Godly woman, told me about The Daniel Plan. She requested the book as her Christmas gift from me in 2013. She thought it was so good that she purchased the book for me for my birthday in February 2014. It has been life changing for our family.

Limiting Stress and Over Eating

Of the five Daniel Plan Essentials, the dual power of faith and focus have been most transformational for me. I pray throughout my daily life, during work outs, and even driving. I am focused on God. I have cleared the clutter from my mind and I feel that freedom. I also do yoga and a Christian yoga DVD called “Praise Moves” that helps me stay focused. Breathing exercises and reading my Bible also help me remember that when my faith is strong – my focus is strong. I even have an app on my phone called Heartlight that helps me when I am busy. It allows me to take a moment to connect with God and His Word. These practices help me limit stress and over eating.

Fully Rely OGod

Mentally, I’ve always been a cheerful, positive person. I wasn’t depressed, but my self-image needed work. My new image is radiated outward for the world to see and ask: “What is different about this lady? This new reality gives me the opportunity to witness. I tap into God’s power which keeps me dedicated and on track. Some days it is 100% The Good Lord motivating me to get up at 4:30 am. I work out while my family sleeps. Doing boot camp at 5:00am Monday thru Friday, launches each day in the right direction, preparing me to take on whatever I may face. I pray during my workouts and talk to God. During class, I do a move called a “Frog Jump”. With each jump I think to myself—Fully Rely OGod. Fully Rely OGod.

The physical results of healthy living isn’t just about the weight loss. That’s obvious. I am also stronger. I smile more. My skin glows. I am more easygoing.  I am a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and I have to be able to lift at least 50lbs. I can do that now.  And I have more energy to keep up with my son, Riley.

Spiritually, I feel confident and prepared to be a good witness. The Spirit is within me. I am thankful for my daily, enhanced relationship with God.

Progress and Victory

My progress is truly amazing. I am doing things now I never imagined doing. My family meals are so much healthier than ever before. My son and hubby heartily eat them. My son even asks “Is this Daniel Plan food?” ADORABLE!  Between daily boot camp and The Daniel Plan I have lost 27lbs. I started my journey at 210lbs and now I am a lean 183lbs. I have participated in four 5K’s including a Warrior Dash 5k with 13 obstacles. I signed up to be a St. Jude Warrior for that event, which included fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I surpassed all my fundraising and fitness goals.

I could not have made it this far without my support system. My husband and son are my biggest support and my biggest fans. They always come to my 5K events and cheer for me at the finish line. I love that! They even participate in the 1K fun runs too. My mother-in-law, Sally, is a great advocate for Christ and supports our healthy lifestyle by making us Daniel Plan friendly meals. The Daniel Plan has been a pure blessing for me and my family. My prayer is that I will be a blessing to others.

Melissa is on an amazing journey. Her hope is to share her spiritual, physical, and mental changes with others. She recently asked her church leaders if she could start a small group and is thrilled that they have said yes!