When Trudy Beerman saw an ad for The Daniel Plan book, she got herself on the pre-order list right away. Her journey started in January of 2014 and as with most of us, she’s learning that the real change begins when we allow God to change the way we think.

Fresh Food

For years I was a fitness instructor who taught other instructors. When the recession killed my fitness business, I went into depression. I was under a lot of stress, depressed, and had suffered a family loss. Because of the state of my life, I learned I was pregnant while in my third trimester. I was 43. I spent the last three months of my pregnancy in the hospital. The baby arrived safely but, unfortunately, my weight continued to increase.

Before The Daniel Plan, being fit and healthy meant appetite suppressants, reading calorie and fat grams, and spending hours in the gym. Today, I eat clean, prepare my meals, and I walk. Everything I do now has to be sustainable and not too difficult or complicated to accomplish.

Fresh Outlook

Early on, I decided to do things that I knew I would be able to keep up. I bought a FitBit pedometer that tracks my daily steps and I shoot for a minimum of 5000 steps a day. I often exceed that number!

Now I was ready to take care of my body, hopeful and prayerful that God would bless me with good health later. My body belongs to Him and I want to be able to use it for His glory.

Doing The Daniel Plan right meant I had to prepare food myself at home. The kicker is, I don’t like to cook. When I started prepping my food, I realized so much of it could be eaten raw. The thought of raw food wasn’t exciting to me, but the thought of having to cook was worse. So, I found a happy medium and I’m making progress. The phrase, “If it grows on a plant, eat it; if it is made in a plant, leave it,” also made it easier to incorporate The Daniel Plan changes.

Fresh Hope

My greatest support was my husband. I always knew he loved me as I was, but when I started The Daniel Plan I appealed to him for help.

Even knowing he would see the truth about my weight in black and white—numbers I’d kept secret for years—I gave him my login codes for my Fitbit. He tracks me and asks about my day from a nutrition and fitness point of view. If there is a day I get less than 5000 steps, we talk about it—because yes, there are those days.

At almost 48 years old, I am now on a fabulous new path with the Lord. The Daniel Plan helped me reconnect with a part of me I thought I had lost—a part that mattered deeply. Just as the Old Testament temple had specific care instructions from God for the priests of old, I truly believe my body—this temple—also has the same job and deserves the same or better care. The Daniel Plan was my road map back to that. I am so grateful.

As of May 2014, Trudy has lost nineteen pounds this year. She is thrilled with her progress since making the choice to make health and energy her goal, rather than weight loss.