Rachel first became interested in The Daniel Plan in January of 2014, following a period of postpartum depression. Her energy was at an all time low and she felt hopeless. Rachel’s story is one of renewal—regaining her energy, strengthening her faith in God, and acquiring a new sense of direction, purpose, and confidence.

Unexpected Despair
In the fall of 2013, after the birth of my daughter, I returned to my job teaching. At that time I became very anxious and depressed, withdrew from my family, had difficulty working, and started eating out of the desire for comfort. I felt like a failure. I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and prescribed anti-depressants. The medication helped with my depression, but I still had a complete lack of energy. I would spend hours and hours curled up on my couch or sleeping in bed.

I began to feel God telling me that I needed to turn to Him and to change my lifestyle. This led me to search the web for health books. The Daniel Plan book had just been released and was a best seller. I felt like God led me directly to it! I downloaded the book and began reading it that same evening. I was amazed! I felt as if the book had been written just for me!

Leaning In and Listening Close
Over the next few weeks, I did the research, prepared my house for our lifestyle change, and began to follow the plan. God was there with me through all the challenges. We stopped ordering food from restaurants and fast food chains, and began cooking in our kitchen. Now preparing food is just a part of my life and even my husband enjoys cooking. We are still occasionally tempted to revert to our old ways, but during these times I pray to God and listen to what He tells me to do. He takes care of the rest. My faith is stronger than ever. God has been with me every day I struggle, every day I have a huge success, and every day in between. I know more than ever that with Him all things really are possible!

Recently we discovered that my 13 month-old daughter has food allergies. I am amazed that God used The Daniel Plan as a tool to teach me the skills and knowledge I need to care for my daughter.

Loving Life
Since God first directed me to The Daniel Plan, my life has changed significantly for the better.

  • I no longer take anti-depressants and love my life again!
  • Even though I didn’t focus on weight loss, I lost 20 lbs, and dropped a dress size.
  • Through The Daniel Plan, God has given me many opportunities to share my faith with others.
  • Reading food labels has become routine.
  • My husband has supported me and gone through this journey with me. He also has lost weight and feels great about his life.


I am so thankful that God led me to The Daniel Plan. I can see that living according to this plan has changed my life from one of misery to one of joy. With God’s help I intend to continue to follow it’s guidelines and hopefully lose even more weight. I enjoy telling others about this wonderful lifestyle and about how God gives us everything we need to live abundantly. The Daniel Plan came at just the right time for my entire family.

Rachel is a wife, mother, and a schoolteacher.  She is now healthy and loves every part of her life. She is excited to share The Daniel Plan with others and to let people everywhere know of God’s faithfulness.