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The Daniel Plan Team Favorites:

Restaurants and Dishes

118 Degrees

Chris Juers, Director of Food Service
"All the items at 118 Degrees are well-thought out and healthy. Chef Jen is so very knowledgeable. She creates food that is so incredibly tasty that you forget that you are in a "healthy restaurant." The Avocado Mini-Tostada is my favorite, at least this week. It is so very satisfying with the playful use of creamy and crunchy textures along with a burst of clean and fresh flavors that complement each other very well. Maybe next week I will find a new favorite, it's hard with so many great choices."

Baja Fresh

Robert Supernor, Web team
"I like the salads a lot. But my favorite is the Mahi Mahi Taco."


Tina Pretsch, Online Small Groups/Daniel Plan Coordinator
"You have to get the Barramundi Fish (it's native to northern Australia. High in Omega 3 fatty acids) while it's still on special. Order with sautéed piri piri mushrooms topping. Side of grilled asparagus and grilled zucchini."

California Fish Grill

Liz Puffer, Pastoral Care
"I get any of the Wild fish, Cajun (not butter sauce), brown rice and grilled zucchini. We actually share this meal because they give you so much."


Jim Dobbs, Creative Director
"Get a salad instead of a burrito at Chipotle! All Romaine lettuce, same great meat choices, black beans, no rice or just a little, medium salsa (instead of the dressing), but hold the cheese and sour cream. Once in a while I splurge and get guacamole on it too!"

La Sirena

Dee Eastman, Director of The Daniel Plan
There are a few in Laguna – all organic – the greatest Mexican food on the planet! My favorite dish is the Wild Salmon salad – a ton of fresh veggies with delicious fresh mango, and a homemade dressing. For a splurge try their guacamole – the best ever!

Mother's Market

Tina Pretsch, Online Small Groups/Daniel Plan Coordinator
"My favorite is the Springtime Salad ($9.25). It has a colorful selection of broccoli, cauliflower, avocado slices, grated beets and carrots, mixed sprouts, tomato, cucumber, sunflower seeds, and mushrooms atop organic mixed greens. Served with whole grain bread, homemade wheat-free corn bread or brown rice. Dressings include homemade balsamic vinaigrette, poppy seed, cilantro jalapeno or tahini."

Seasons 52

Dr. Daniel Amen
"The offer seasonal, organic, high quality calories, and nothing is over 475 calories. They have a buffalo steak. Buffalo chili. Trout. Scallops. Wild salmon. Great salads. But if I have a choice, I much rather eat at home with Tana."


Liz Puffer, Pastoral Care
"It's organic and I get the Power place with chicken or salmon, brown rice and veggies but you have to ask for the veggie without sauce if you are gluten-free."

True Food Kitchen

Dee Eastman, Director of The Daniel Plan
My favorite is...anything and everything on the menu is YUMMY!

Honorable Mentions

Daphne's California Greek - Chicken and veggie kabob, with Greek salad. Cheese and low-fat dressing on the side.
Milo's Cafe - Grilled Chicken, Veggie plate
Mr. Wok: Spicy Bean Curd
Native Foods - Scorpion burger
Refinery Grill (Saddleback Church) - Zucchini pasta with pesto.
Subway-Veggie with omega 3 bread. No mayo, no cheese.
Veggie Grill