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Fun Walk & Run: Cooking Demonstrators

The fun and adventure of eating healthy is tasting new flavors, textures and cooking styles. For the Fun Walk & Run, three talented chefs have volunteered to demonstrate how to prepare one -- or two -- of their favorite healthy recipes.

Marie Goodrow, Wholegrain Pancakes with a Fresh Fruit Sauce

Marie Goodrow from Henry's Farmers Market, spent Summers on her grandparent's farm learning to cook "old school." Today she's been married nearly 25 years and has three children ages 22, 20 and 14. Marie has contributed a number of recipes for The Daniel Plan.

Tana Amen: Goji Nut Truffles, Avocado Gelato


Tana Amen, a former neurosurgical intensive care nurse, is the author of the "Change Your Brain, Change Your Body" Cookbook; "Get Healthy With the Brain Doctor¹s Wife" Cookbook; and "Get Healthy With the Brain Doctor¹s Wife" Coaching Guide. Tana has been a health and fitness enthusiast for more than two decades. Tana's loves to live a healthy lifestyle and help others achieve their health goals. She has graciously contributed several recipes for The Daniel Plan.

Goji Nut Truffles
Avocado Gelato

Jenny Ross: Summer Berry Salad, Super Green Smoothie


Chef Jenny Ross is the owner and executive chef at 118 Degrees in Costa Mesa, CA. Her fresh and lively restaurant serves organic plant based living cuisine seven days a week and at her raw bar inside Whole Foods market Tustin. An avid educator, Jenny has authored two books on living cuisine and teaches nationwide using hands-on interactive courses on how to make delicious living foods.

Summer Berry Salad
Super Green Smoothie