Please consider this fact: there is a dark side to chocolate. Most of the cacao produced in the world in harvested by child slaves. This fact is horrifying when you consider that Americans spend $13 billion a year buying chocolate cookies, chocolate candies, chocolate ice cream, and other chocolate treats.

When we make a purchase here in the United States it makes an impact somewhere on the globe in a deeply personal way for many. We have the ability to leverage our spending power for good. Buying fairly traded products or slave free products is one of the best ways to combat slavery and injustice.

While the health benefits of cacao are many, the implications of how this product is harvested should make us stop and think twice before we buy. We have done some research showing that fair trade/slave free cacao powder in it’s raw form is difficult to find. To purchase fairly traded raw cacao powder here is one option or consider doing additional research before making a purchase.


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