The Daniel Plan received numerous responses resulting from last week’s Food Addiction articles and videos. One of them came from Kim Smith who shared this letter, written by an anonymous author.

Dear Food,

Ever since I can remember you’ve been
one of the greatest loves of my life.
You were my bridge over troubled waters;
my shelter from the storm.

Thousands of times my cravings for you were uncontrollable
and I ran to you with open arms.
We were together everywhere; in the car, living room,
kitchen, bathroom.
But somewhere along the way, you turned on me,
and I began to grow up.

Growing pains at any age is painful,
but I had to face some realities.
Your price tag was too high.
You helped me bury all my feelings, but you also buried me.
You made promises you could not keep

Whenever we spent the night together,
I couldn’t respect myself in the morning.
And Although I loved you, I never wanted to be
seen with you in public.

I became a sneak just to be with you,
and it grew into a cheap back-alley affair.
I’m writing this letter to let you know it’s over.