“Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?” —Genesis 41:38

We can’t judge our potential by our circumstances. God may be shaping us to do something powerful in his service. For example, Joseph spent much of his young adulthood as a slave in Egypt after his jealous brothers sold him to some slave traders. If he had judged his potential by those circumstances, he would have been discouraged indeed.

But God had plans for Joseph. He used a chance meeting in prison to propel Joseph into the service of Egypt’s Pharaoh. Pharaoh recognized the spirit of God in Joseph, and Joseph became the number two man in the nation. He devoted his talents to planning for a famine that would have killed tens of thousands in Egypt and the surrounding nations. God used him to save countless lives, including those of the family who had sold him.

God has purposes for your life that you may not see yet. Don’t underestimate what he can do with someone whose life is yielded to his service.