• Core Training with Tom Wilson

    Fitness Coach Tom Wilson explains why your “core” strength, made of your abdominal and low back muscles, are so important to your health. Then he demonstrates several exercises and proper technique in this 18-minute video shot for participants in The Daniel Plan! More fitness videos with Tom Wilson

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  • Personalize the Plan By Your Brain Type

    Watch Dr. Daniel Amen in this 4-minute video from his PBS Special and learn about the importance of knowing your brain type. Read the complementary article which goes into greater detail. He says rather than trying the latest diet, take time to evaluate your symptoms and then learn how to treat the cause with proper ...

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  • Chiquita Seals An Inspiration to Us All – Lost 120 Pounds!

    By Dr Mark Hyman Explain one or two of your primary health and/or lifestyle challenges prior to the Daniel Plan? Prior to The Daniel Plan, I suffered from fatigue, heartburn, and sleeplessness. I felt physically tired from the moment I woke up until bedtime. Therefore, I always took a mid-day nap to help get me ...

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