• Dr. Oz: Eat the Best, for Less with Rachael Ray

    Food prices are the highest they’ve been in decades. So how you can you eat well without spending a fortune? From The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz invites television host and chef Rachael Ray to share her secrets to making nutritious meals without breaking the bank. Click here to watch Part 2. Click here to watch Part 3. Click here to ...

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  • Eat The Best For Less

    These days virutally everyone is feeling the economic pinch. Eating healthy and exercising doesn’t require an extra budget. But you may have to add a few new skills, recipes and workouts to beat the budget battle. This week, The Daniel Plan assembled a variety of budget-busting ideas, free workouts and other strategies to get the ...

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  • David Nguyen: Finds Results with Prayer, Persistence

    David Nguyen, Owner of RC Racing Zone, shares how prayer, persistence and determination helped him avoid diabetes and lose more than 40 pounds! Describe a few primary health challenges or bad habits you had before starting The Daniel Plan? I would eat whatever I liked. I did not exercise and I felt tired all day ...

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