• Everyday Detox

    No need to subsist on juices and herbs. These whole foods support your body’s innate ability to detoxify on a daily basis. Lemon-juice flushes. Coffee enemas. Fruit-only diets. With funky programs like these flourishing, it’s no wonder many people dismiss detoxing as a perennial fad. But don’t be too quick to reject the idea of ...

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  • Dr. Amen’s Top 5 Good Mood Foods

    By: Daniel Amen, M.D., Founding Daniel Plan Doctor and Renowned Brain Expert  If you want to feel your best and do your best thinking, you have to give your brain and body high-quality nutrition.  Certain foods offer an abundance of bliss-enhancing nutrients that can help you feel more relaxed and lift your mood, naturally.   Here ...

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  • Dr. Oz: The Importance of Vitamin D

    More than 100 million Americans have a Vitamin D deficiency. From this 6-minute clip from ABC’s Good Morning America television show, Dr. Mehmet Oz says if there is one supplement he recommends to everyone, it would be Vitamin D. Why? It becomes a hormone, helps bone health, reduce high blood pressure, prevent cancer and enhance ...

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