Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God. (Romans 15:7 NIV)

God accepts you with all of your quirks and flaws.

When you have a rough day and you make mistakes, he generously invites you to make a U-turn and head back in the right direction.

He understands that you’re in a learning process that will include up moments and down moments. He welcomes you no matter how you’re feeling at the moment.

That’s the kind of acceptance he wants you to have for the people who are supporting you on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re in a small group or you have a Daniel Plan buddy, you’re going to need to accept one another on good days and bad days. You’re going to need patience for the other person’s less-than-perfect performance, just as they will need patience for yours.

Acceptance will be essential in order for your relationships to be safe enough to help each other grow.

Food for Thought: Accepting one another in the messiness of life, on good days and bad days, will bring praise to God and will give you a support system you can count on.