• Delicious No-Fruit Smoothies

    Source MindBodyGreen We’re huge fans of smoothies —is there anything better than a healthy breakfast you can whip up in less than five minutes? But often, even the healthiest ones contain banana, dates, berries, and other fruits that people on a low-sugar diet try to avoid. Inspired by the savory ice creams and yogurts that are growing more ...

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  • French Fries, Cookies and More: Healthy Swaps for Your Favorite Junk Foods

    Original Source: MindBodyGreen One of my favorite things about being a chef is taking an existing traditional recipe and playing around with it to make it healthier—without sacrificing any flavor. Here are my go-to swaps for when junk food cravings hit: If you’re craving Mac & Cheese, try Quinoa Pasta with Walnut Miso Sauce Don’t worry—mac ...

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