• Food for Thought: How What You Eat Affects Your Brain

    Optimal health depends upon careful calibration of opposing biological actions-contraction and relaxation of the heart, in breath and outbreath, wakefulness and sleep. If the heart repeatedly contracts too hard, or the breath is too deep, the body suffers. And so it is with nourishment. After a meal, calories flow into the body, replenishing energy stores. ...

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  • 3 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good for You

    1. Full-Fat Dairy Reduced fat milk and other dairy products have been consistently recommended throughout the last 40 years. Dairy products are naturally high in fat, and much of that fat is saturated. So, we were told that by choosing low or nonfat milk, cheese and yogurt, we could enjoy the nutritional benefits of dairy ...

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  • Take Charge of Food Cravings—No “White Knuckles” Necessary

    Most of us have overeaten at one time or another, only to regret it later. Who hasn’t felt uncomfortably full after Thanksgiving dinner? But why do so many people feel out of control around food so often? Why do so many of us cave to food cravings and over indulge or even binge, only to ...

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