• 6 Strategies to Conquer Cravings

    Source:  Be Well Have you ever noticed how when you’re short on sleep, stressed-out, or exhausted, you tend to crave carbs? Especially the crappy, nutrient-free variety that, under normal circumstances, you could easily resist? Turns out that when it comes to cravings, your gut plays a far bigger role than previously thought and sheer willpower will ...

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  • Winter is Coming — Boost Your Immunity with These 6 Foods!

    Source:  Be Well As winter approaches, many folks demand an antibiotic at first sneeze. Not only does this add to the epidemic of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, but antibiotics don’t kill viruses anyway — they kill bacterial infections, so taking them for viral ills like colds and flu is truly a waste, and a potentially life-threatening one at ...

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  • Pumpkin: The Secret Superfood You Need on Your Plate

    Source:  Be Well Ah, pumpkin. That enduring orange symbol of autumn. So festive, so decorative — and so rarely eaten despite all the nutrients packed inside. Most of us view pumpkins simply as those big orange gourds you carve before Halloween. And, unless pumpkin turned up in a pie at Thanksgiving, few of us have ever ...

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