• 3 Things I Learned That Transformed My Health

    It probably comes as no surprise, but as the health editor here at Mind Body Green, I learned a LOT about health this year. I also made a number of changes to my diet, medicine cabinet, and daily routine. When you’re writing and reading about wellness all day—and listening to and learning from some of ...

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  • Integrative Neurologist’s Best Brain Fog Advice

    Source: MindBodyGreen This month we attended the Integrative Healthcare Symposium annual conference, an event where leaders in holistic health talk about the most interesting developments in health care, hundreds of brands promote their products and initiatives, and researchers present their hard-earned findings. After his talk about Leveraging Lifestyle for Brain Health, we sat down with Dr. David Perlmutter, an integrative ...

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  • All About Hydration

    Clear thinking, moist skin, healthy kidneys, and bountiful energy — they all depend on an adequate daily intake of water. Are you getting enough liquids? And if you work out, are you getting the right kind? Find out why you should look before you gulp. When 23-year-old exercise physiology student Julie Moss crawled, staggered and ...

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