• Why Intermittent Fasting Is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Your Metabolism

    Source: MindBodyGreen If you’ve read about intermittent fasting but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, the quick answer is: maybe. As a weight loss and fitness expert, I’ve been following intermittent fasting for a very long time—sifting through the science, watching patterns with the hundreds of thousands of clients I’ve coached, and figuring out ...

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  • How to Eat Healthfully at 10 Kinds of Restaurants

    Source:  MindBodyGreen My entrée certainly sounded innocuous, yet it arrived egg-battered and drowning in some syrupy, sugary sauce. Full disclosure: I’d become distracted by my dinner date at a hip new Italian bistro and figured a grilled chicken dish where I subbed another green veggie for the scalloped potatoes sounded perfectly healthy. Was I ever wrong, ...

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