• 5 Simple Tricks to Avoid Packing on the Pounds

    Source:  MindBodyGreen There’s no denying it any longer: the holiday season is officially here. And you know what that means: holiday food, and lots of it. Sugary, buttery, carb-packed, delicious holiday food. But just because the holidays are here once again doesn’t mean you have to let all your hard work this past year go to ...

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  • 7 Habits That Will Get You Healthy & Fit for Life

    Source: MindBodyGreen Being fit and healthy doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to working out for hours a day and eating nothing but chicken and steamed broccoli for every meal. In fact, there are several more effective (and less painful!) habits you can adopt today that will not only help you get in shape in ...

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  • 6 Reasons Why Exercise Makes You Happy

    Source:  MindBodyGreen Sure, you know exercise is good for you. It keeps your weight in check, makes you stronger, and keeps you feeling youthful and staying active into old age. But did you know that exercise can also make you a happier person? It’s true. When you work out and stay active on a regular basis, ...

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