• 6 Foods Ingredients to Lower Inflammation

    Source:  Food Matters Most of us are familiar with inflammation on the surface of our bodies which involves local redness, heat, swelling and pain, but there is another kind of inflammation that lingers within our bodies. Inflammation exists within us all and is an extremely powerful, necessary function for our survival. It’s the cornerstone of the ...

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  • Good Fats for Successful Aging

    Source: Food Matters When your birthday rolls around each year are you excited about the prospect, are you quietly panicking or have you completely forgotten the date and how old you will be turning? If you’re in the midst of celebrating and have to run into the kitchen to get a lighter to light the candles ...

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  • Cheaper Alternatives to Superfoods

    Source:  Food Matters You’ll find no shortage of celebrities endorsing various superfoods all over the world wide web and their social media accounts; which is all well and good until you get a closer look at the price of these super-expensive life enhancers! You don’t need to burn a hole in your wallet to achieve a ...

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