You, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay; you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. —Isaiah 64:8 NIV\Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in looking at how far we are from being a finished piece of pottery instead of   celebrating what a beautiful work of art God has already made. We focus too much on the weight we haven’t lost, the sleep we haven’t had, and the amount of time we sit instead of moving.

Instead, we need to celebrate the small changes: the one pound lost, the one healthy lunch, the one supportive friend, the body that did move today. And remember the big wins that depend solely on God: his grace and mercy for our sins, the new life he gives us in Christ, the Holy Spirit living in us.

God’s plan to mold and shape us takes time to unfold. There are no shortcuts. it all happens in God’s time. To be patient in the waiting, we can remind ourselves that “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion” (Philippians 1:6).

How are you already a work of art? What small changes can you celebrate?

Food for Thought:  you are clay in the loving potter’s hand, and he will sculpt and mold you until completion.