Thousands of churches and individuals have turned to the Celebrate Recovery ministry to break the chains of addictions, which this week celebrates it’s 20th year in service. With the annual Summit arriving this week, August 10-12, The Daniel Plan investigates the variety of food, beverages and prescriptions that can be addictive and harmful to your health, as well as how addictions start and can be treated.





  • Celebrate Recovery
    • Hurts , habits and hang-ups come in all shapes and sizes. Saddleback Church, and its’ Celebrate Recovery ministry, offers support groups for a wide array of needs along with a Christ-centered recovery program.
  • Celebrate Recovery Summit-20th Anniversary,
    August 10-12

    • Coming August 10-12, 2011 it’s time for the Celebrate Recovery Summit, celebrating the 20th Year of Celebrate Recovery. Register now online or download a registration form for this three-day event at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA. Learn how to start a new Celebrate Recovery ministry or how to take an existing Celebrate Recovery to the next level. Featuring Pastor John and Cheryl Baker, along with Pastor Rick Warren, Dr. John Townsend, and Dr. Henry Cloud. Learn more or find a group for you at
  • Want Help Now?
    • After Hours Support (949) 609-8848
      Minister of the Day: (949) 609-8107
  • Alcohol: The Liquid Menace, David Jahr
    • This $400 billion industry kills 100,000 people per year in the U.S., causes an array of health problems, yet it’s legal. Read what Dr. Amen and Dr. Hyman have to say about The Liquid Menace.
  • Stopping Sugar Addiction, Dr. Mark Hyman
    • Some people need more sugar than others. Why is that? Read why sugar is addictive and how to stop the genetic impulse for more of it.
  • The Science and Nature of Food Addiction, Dr. Mark Hyman
    • This comprehensive overview on food addictions examines causes, treatments and ways to determine if you have a food addiction.



  • The “Fast” Way to Freedom, Tom Wilson
    • The practice of fasting can help your physical and spiritual health, Fitness Coach Tom Wilson writes.