Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen at the snap of your fingers. It requires consistently making new choices that lead to permanent change. This week The Daniel Plan reports how to change anything, based on expert tips and analysis, personal testimonies–including a personal story from Dr. Mark Hyman and NBA’s Pat Williams who is now fighting for his life. “You will never change your life, until you change something daily.” — John Maxwell






  • Healthy Living Workshops, August 18, 9:30am,
    The Refinery- SPECIAL EDITION!

    • Arrive early, wear sneakers and bring yoga mats this week for a Special Edition workshop featuring a workout with Tina Pretsch on the Fitness Course at 8:30am, then learn from Dr. Mark Hyman via Skype. Then Chef Jenny Ross will demonstrate how to prepare an amazing, healthy dish, followed by an optional mat pilates at 11:30am. FREE. If you’ve missed a previous workshop or want to hear it again, click here to watch the video recordings.
  • Susan Gurev: Former Yo-Yo Dieter Learn Stewardship of Health
    • After years of yo-yo dieting, Susan Gurev has lost 56 pounds with The Daniel Plan, saying the difference is becoming a better steward of her health.


  • The First Step to Change: Attitude, Tom Wilson
    • Attitudes are like belly buttons, everyone has one. But is your attitude helping or hurting your health? Read this to explore the first step to change.