The air we breathe and water we drink can contain toxins that create problems with our health. This week, The Daniel Plan examines our environment, at home and at work, to identify potential problems and solutions with our everyday lifestyle. Start with Dr. Mark Hyman’s “Toxic Quiz” to help you identify symptoms that may be caused by toxins. Then, watch brain-health expert Dr. Daniel Amen explain how to protect your brain from toxins and improve your overall health.


  • Living Clean & Green, Dr. Mark Hyman
  • Is There Toxins in Your Body? Dr. Mark Hyman
    • Functional medicine specialist Dr. Mark Hyman shares two in-depth articles and brief videos explaining the problems associated with toxic exposure and what to do about it.



  • Healthy Living Workshops – On Video!
    • Catch these videos of the Summer’s Healthy Living Workshops, featuring experts giving advice on a wide variety of topics, including cooking demonstrations, beating stress, exercise ideas and more!
  • Training with Pastor Rick! Tom Wilson, Fitness Coach
    • Wonder what exercise routine Pastor Rick is doing? Read how Tom Wilson is helping Pastor Rick get in better condition to serve God and the church!