For the young and young at heart, this week The Daniel Plan reveals several strategies to improve your memory, prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and avoid the onset of dementia. Improve your performance at work, remember lists, and retain information by improving your health, doing brain-healthy activities and eating nutritious foods and vitamins. Do this and forget Alzheimers.



  • Forget Alzheimer’s: Tips to Avoid Memory Loss
    Avoiding Alzheimer’s Disease begins at a young age and isn’t always genetically inherited, this research shows. Read these tips to forget about Alzheimer’s.
  • Explore! Tips to Keep Your Brain Young,
    Dr. Daniel Amen

    World-class brain health expert Dr. Daniel Amen says trying new things keeps your brain vibrant. Try these tips!
  • Do-It-Yourself Brain Improvement, Dr. Daniel Amen
    From his new book, to be published in February, Dr. Amen shares practical ways to enhance all the areas of your brain, and it doesn’t require a brain transplant.
  • Prevent Dementia Using Food & Nutrition, Dr. Mark Hyman
    Functional medicine specialist Dr. Mark Hyman explains in this article and video about how to treat the onset of dementia. Rather than addressing the symptoms, he goes after the causes and shares foods and vitamins that can change things around.


  • Alison Sahl: Finds Peace, Results from Running
    Alison started training for a marathon after a friend and The Daniel Plan encouraged her to go for it. She’s learned a lot and shares tips for the new runner.
  • Healthy Living Workshops – Video
    Now all seven workshops are available on video! For those who could not attend in person, watch them Health Living Workshops here! The workshops, July 7-August 25, feature expert doctors, nutritionists, and personal trainers sharing tips, cooking demonstrations and strategies for healthy living!


  • The Dog Days of Summer, Tom Wilson
    When the temperature rises outside, sometimes we reduce our workout intensity and start a negative chain of reactions. Read this to know what to do to avoid the “Dog Days…”


  • Superfood: Flax Seeds, Stefanie Cassetto
    These little seeds are packed with big brain-power producing Omega 3 fatty acids. Learn more about why to include Flax into your diet and try this recipe!
  • Recipes By Robert Sturm
    Master Food Designer Robert Sturm shares two main dishes with lots of flavor for all to enjoy in the last days of Summer.
    Steve-K’s Gunpowder Chicken
    Carne Asada Tacos