Show Airs Coast-to-Coast 820 Times, Starting Feb. 25 in Baltimore, and San Diego — 

Features Exclusive Viewer Offer to Have a “High Performance Brain”

Watch the Public Television special with Daniel G. Amen, M.D. beginning February 25 and set to air coast-to-coast until March 18, and you may look, feel and think younger every day with a “high-performance brain.”

The Public Television Special, “Use Your Brain to Change Your Age,” is based on Dr. Amen’s new book, with the same title, and offers viewers an exclusive opportunity to get the 6 DVD set “High-Performance Brain” to have an competitive advantage in the workplace. The program airs more than 820 times in markets across the United States beginning in Baltimore and San Diego on Feb. 25. Get the schedule here.

During the 60-minute special “Use Your Brain to Change Your Age,” Dr. Amen teaches viewers:

  • “The fountain of youth is between your ears.”
  • How to avoid the “dinosaur syndrome”
  • Specific steps to look longer, look better and significantly boost the health of your brain.
  • How to make better decisions, because “the quality of your decisions determines how long you live.”
  • What supplements to take to enjoy a younger, more vibrant brain.
  • True stories like Steve Nicander, the incredible shrinking man who lost 400 pounds naturally.
  • Why community supports healthy progress as proven by The Daniel Plan, a healthy living initiative that has impacted thousands worldwide.

Dr. Amen is a four-time New York Times best-selling author and world renowned brain psychiatrist and brain imaging researcher who founded Amen Clinics, Inc. He has worked with thousands of patients from 90 countries to improve their brain health, including problems with ADD/ADHD, depression, aggression, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, substance abuse, autism, brain damage and many other symptoms of poor brain health.

In his 30-year career, Dr. Amen has performed more than 70,000 brain SPECT imaging scans, measuring the blood flow and activity of the brain. He has also completed numerous clinical studies demonstrating the effectiveness of addressing brain health, including the landmark study of 115 players from the National Football League. Dr. Amen learned repeated head trauma and obesity can lead to serious and life-threatening health problems.

But Dr. Amen also showed, in one of his clinical studies, that a brain-healthy program can slow or even reverse many symptoms of aging, including improving memory, mood, and other cognitive functions.

Viewers of his new special will have the chance to get other bonus offers including “Live Longer with the Brain Doctor’s Wife,” a CD Rom cookbook by Dr. Amen’s wife Tana.

Bill Cosby, Pastor Rick Warren, and Stephen Covey all gave Dr. Amen’s new book glowing reviews. “I believe this book may be his best ever,” says Barry Sears, author of The Zone. “The science behind the program is complex, but its execution is easy to follow.”

DANIEL G. AMEN, M.D. is a clinical neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and brain-imaging expert who heads Amen Clinics, Inc. with locations in Newport Beach, California, San Francisco, Reston, Virginia, and Bellevue, Washington ( He also serves on the faculty of the University of California Irvine School of Medicine. He authored four New York Times bestsellers “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life,” “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body,” “Magnificent Mind At Any Age” and “The Amen Solution.”