I am a 37 year old Christian that is 30 pounds overweight. A fewyears ago, after returning from a tour in Iraq, I was diagnosed withthyroid disease. Over a couple year period, I fought to regaincontrol over my disorder and am glad to report that my thyroid isfinally back in balance – nothing is impossible with God!

Even though the thyroid is back in balance, I have had an incredibletime losing weight. I have been in the Army for 20 years this month,and will be returning to Afghanistan next January to lead AmericanSoldiers once again into harms way.

With that being said I HAD to lose the weight. When I heard on AirOne radio that Rick was trying to lose 90 pounds by the Daniel PlanI felt led to investigate. God led me to the Daniel Plan and I amnow motivated to lose weight again. God is Good! I feel confidentthat with the help and encouragement of the plan and the believersthat I am coming along side that I will lose the 30 pounds and beable to give all of the glory to He who is deserving of the glory!

I wish all of my fellow brothers and sisters well and look forwardto accompanying you through this battle! May God be with us all!

Soldier of God
Psalm 91

Michael Seitz