Glorify God with the way we move, means to be active and get exercise! But, it’s hard and monotonous if you are working out alone and doing the same routine over and over again. In fact, since our bodies adapt, if you don’t change things up, you will not get the full benefit you think are receiving.

The Daniel Plan encourages you, men, women, beginners, advanced athletes to try group fitness classes for two reasons:

  1. New motions add creativity and activate different muscle groups.
  2. Submit and enjoy being led. Just join a class and follow along. You don’t have to worry about sets, reps, weights, duration etc. Just show up and let the expert guide you!

Today, you can also try out different classes either at a health club like 24 Hour Fitness, Crunch or LA Fitness for example. Or you can sign up for Groupon, Living Socal and other online coupon services and try different styles of classes at gyms at a significant discount. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Hot Yoga (aka Bikram) — Improve your flexibility and strength posing in a room heated between 95-105 degrees!
  • Zumba — This is one dance that will take your breath away.
  • Ballroom Dance — Makes for a great date!
  • Pilates – You will activate muscles you never knew you had!
  • Crossfit and other Cross training — Be on the lookout for cross training programs offered by personal trainers or clubs and take advantage of the discount offers!
  • Aerobic and Step classes
  • Cycling classes
  • Kick boxing classes
  • Strength Training classes
  • And more!

These classes are offered right here at Saddleback Church’s Lake Forest campus.

Saturday Bootcamp with Tony Lattimore from P90X

Refinery Gym (January)
Tent 3 (February)

Walk and Worship

Mondays, Wednesdays, Friday
Pavillion, main Worship Center

Tuesdays, Thursdays
Rancho Santa Margarita Lake

Fitness Well-being For Women with Elaine Crane

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
9-10am, $5 for three sessions
Refinery Gym

Cross Training Fitness with Jennifer Ralphs

Tent 2