Instructor Elaine Crane

Monday-Wednesday-Thursday 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
The Refinery, $5.00 per week

The women’s Fitness Well Being classes are held every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9 – 10am in The Refinery Gym. Expect a combination of cardiovascular exercise, weight training and resistance bands for an overall body workout. Classes are taught by Elaine Crane, a certified ISSA fitness trainer. Bring your own workout towel and water bottle. Call (949) 609-8711 for more information.

About Elaine Crane

Elaine is an ISSA certified fitness trainer and have followed a personal fitness regime most of my adult life. She has taught various forms of fitness classes for more than 20 years, as well as completed in several fitness and body building competitions in the UK.

About The Class

The Women’s Fitness Well-Being Classes are a combination of cardio training, resistance bands and dumb bell weights and upbeat music. The classes run for an hour and are never the same class. We combine calisthenics, plyometrics, weight resistance/bands and core exercises in our classes.

For instance, in a recent class, we warmed up incorporating various moves such as half jacks, hamstring kick backs, jogging on the spot, jump squats, and then stretched. Then we did drills, which included walking lunges, sprinting (20 second intervals), crocodile walks (walking on all fours with our body parallel and close to the group), lateral drills, and so on.  We ended the class by working shoulders, biceps and chest using a number of different dumb bell exercises, and then spent 10 minutes on abs and cool down.

We end with prayer. There are no mirrors and no men in this class. We have fun and the hour passes quickly.  Everyone usually leaves very sweaty but de-stressed!

Who Should Attend

The women that attend are anywhere from early 20’s to over 60.  We even have a lady that is 72!  You go at your own pace.  A number of the women work at my level (advanced), some drop it back and some just keep moving as best they can.  Everyone is instructed on how to do the exercise (to ensure proper form and technique) and then given modification suggestions so if they cant do the exercises there is a safe and easier alternative.