“Is it true?” Carry these words with you everywhere you go. They can interrupt your thoughts and short circuit an episode of bingeing, depression, or even panic. One of our participants weighed 425 pounds when he first joined The Daniel Plan. When one of the doctors asked him about his weight, his automatic response was, “I have no control.”

“Is it true?” the doctor asked. “You really have NO control over your eating?”

The man paused then said, “No. That really isn’t true, I do have some control.”

When you stop believing lies and replace them with accurate thinking and God’s truth and promises, your response to life events will shift, and you will feel less stressed and more hopeful. (For examples of filling your mind with truth, see pages 204-7 of The Daniel Plan book.)

On a practical level, use truth to make discerning choices about your food. Read labels, not just the advertising on the front. Watch out for health claims. Anything with a health claim is almost guaranteed to be bad for you—diet this or low-fat that or trans fat—free or low calorie or cholesterol lowering.

The nutrition label is your new best friend. If you follow these simple rules, you will stay out of trouble:

• If there are any words on the label that you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce, are in Latin, or sound like some science project, then put the product back on the shelf.

• Think five or less ingredients. Some newer healthier products contain more, but they are all real food.

• Be alert to pseudonyms for sugar. (See page 108 in The Daniel Plan book for a list of names for sugar.)

• What comes first? Ingredients are listed in order of quantity. If you see sugar or salt as the first or second ingredient, find another option.

The more you find and state the truth, the more knowledge and control you will have over your thoughts and behaviors in any area of your life.

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