You made me and formed me with your own hands. Give me understanding so that I can learn your commands. —Psalm 119:73 NIrV

Why does God care whether you eat right, get enough exercise, and get enough rest?

Because he wants you to have enough energy to love him, love your family and friends, and even love people you don’t know well. Loving God and others is your main reason for being on this earth (Matthew 22:37-40), and it’s hard to love when you’re exhausted.

Love takes patience, and patience is so much easier when you are full.

Love takes vitality, and real food is medicine that makes your body feel better.

Imagine having the energy to ride a bicycle with your grandchildren or help a friend move to a new house. You might even write down loving things you want to be able to do when you’re healthier.

So if you’re looking for a motivation to that will sustain you as you make healthy changes in your life, consider making love your aim.

Food for Thought: Love is a terrific motivation for making healthy changes, because love is ultimately what will make you feel most alive and joyful