OK, you’ve decided to do something about your health so you can glorify God with the way you eat, move and think. Great! Now what?

Here’s a step by step outline of what to do and expect in the first few weeks.

1. Measure your weight, height, waist (around your belly) and blood pressure. Most drug stores have free blood pressure machines.

2. Click on the “Start” tab at www.danielplan.com. Complete your “Health Profile.” Taking this step, will insure that you receive weekly email alerts to updates on the site, and will give you a tool to track your progress. Get in the habit of measuring yourself weekly or monthly, then returning to danielplan.com to update your progress by clicking “Track Your Progress.”

3. You will receive an email welcoming you to The Daniel Plan, which includes a link to complete your “Extended Health Profile.” This is optional, however, highly recommended. It will require that you get your blood work done. Evaluating your blood will reveal what you specifically need to work on, i.e. lowering cholesterol.

At a minimum, take a moment to complete the Medical Toxicity Questionnaire to self-analyze how you are feeling now.

So far so good, right?

4. Now,  time to start making some changes. Go to the “Start” tab and click on “Core Program” which will lead you to a set of materials and action steps we recommend taking in the first week or two. We call these the “Simple Six” core principles. For example, the first core principle is “Connect for Success” which emphasize the importance of making these changes alongside a buddy or with a small group.

Review these articles and videos under the orange and gray colored boxes titled “Eat, Move, Think.”

For a Bible study with Pastor Rick, you can click on the video, download the “Small Group Study Guide” and “Companion Guide.”

5. Go at your own pace, but we designed each core principle to be reviewed weekly. For example, after reviewing the first core principle in your first week, click on the second core principle, “Rely on God’s Power” and review the materials in your second week.

6. Expect to receive a weekly email from The Daniel Plan that will point you to the latest updates and information. However, for your first six weeks, stay with the Simple Six.

7. Adopt at attitude of “always be learning.” Expect to be challenged with some of your favorite comfort foods that contain sugar and flour, we call “the white menaces.”

8. Stay connected to your small group, and the website. And start treating your body like a temple!