Taken from Lose it for Life, By Stephen Arterburn

“Faith without works is dead.”
James 2:26 (NASB)

If we only try, we may die! If we merely try to work the keys to our new eating program, yet only gain enough knowledge to understand them intellectually, then our problems with food and weight will continue. If we merely try to have a plan for our food, but not for any other aspect of our lives, we will bounce around between the myriad diets out there and never find solid, lasting recovery.

In the same way, having spiritual knowledge from studying the Bible accomplishes nothing if there is no action in our life to support it. As the Scripture says, “Faith without works is dead.” No movement, no life! In fact, most of us have had exceptional faith and knowledge of the Word, but to bring that faith to life, we need the ingredients of humility and surrender for taking action.

Action is the antidote to mere trying. There is action to be taken on each key component of our program. There is action to be taken each day to plan out our food and portions. There is action to be taken in our spiritual routines. Sometimes there is even opposite action to be taken when we are faced with certain foods that could trigger a binge! It is all movement toward recovery and toward God’s will for our eating patterns.