By Greta Boris

When you were a child and went out to play, what did you do? Most of us were bouncing balls, jumping rope, and racing through the neighborhood playing tag. When the street lights came on you’d beg Mom for five more minutes, just five more minutes! As an adult when you go out to exercise, what do you do? Many people find the most boring thing on the planet, an exercise machine in a windowless room, and plod through their workout muttering, “five more minutes, it’s only five more minutes.”

Nowadays we pay big money for someone to yell at us while we bounce balls, jump rope and race around. We call it boot camp. Why do we no longer equate exercise with play? According to the American Council on Exercise, the primary reasons adults give for not exercising regularly are boredom, lack of results, injuries, and lack of time (ACE, Fitness matters, Volume 13, Mar/Apr 2007, p.14). Let’s address each one and see if we can put the play back into your day.

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