As you set out to change your health and your life with the Daniel Plan, becoming part of a healthy community that encourages your growth and faith can give you the support you need to make it stick for a lifetime.

As a fitness instructor, Julianne Land was already eating well and exercising when she got involved with the Daniel Plan, but the addition of the small group study transformed her life.  “We decided to do The Daniel Plan Bible study together. With that, magical things happened. These friendships I’ve built through my Daniel Plan small group have made such a differenceI can call on them any time, any day, and they are going to be there for me.” When small group members face the inevitable obstacles, she says “We help each other, we get each other to class and working out, we talk about food, we even go to church together. It’s not just for six weeks in your Bible study, it’s for a lifetime.”

The benefits of the small group study went beyond fitness, says Land. “I found myself digging into the God’s Word. I was going to church more, my meditation and prayer was stronger.” The combination, she says, is what created the lasting changes. “It all came together once we added in the other Essentials of Faith, Focus and Friends.” If you’ve have found it difficult to stay the course with health and fitness before, consider connecting to the Daniel Plan online community or start your own small group with a group of friends.  Click here to get started and for more information and be sure to check out The Daniel Plan website for free tips, tools and recipes to support you along the way.