With the majority of our to-do lists and goals soon forgotten, how do we keep a dream alive and move forward?
Dreams—what we hope to accomplish—give birth to our goals, the steps we are willing to take to reach our dreams. Goals are the steps we take each day, week, and month to get from where we are today to the future we dream of having. Unfortunately, most of us don’t take the time to write down what we hope to attain, nor do we take the time to determine the steps to get us there, especially when it comes to our fitness.

Making fitness a part of our lives can be compared to planning a long trip. Some trips are well planned and can withstand any difficulty. Others are not, and we end up in the wrong destination. If you were planning a trip of a lifetime, such as hiking through the Grand Canyon, you would take time not only to plan your trip, but also to be in the best shape possible to enjoy it.

Likewise, to reach your health and fitness destination, it is important to begin mapping out a few markers or milestones along the way. If you don’t like to set goals because you find the process too cumbersome, we want to assure you that there are different means of goal setting.

Option 1: One word
Take the one word idea a little farther. Think about one word each week or month related to your fitness, and use that as your guiding light to help you pursue excellence. For example, let’s say your word today or this week is endurance. With this one word, focus the majority of your energy and efforts on doing as many different forms of exercise that improve or enhance your endurance. The next week maybe your word is strength. This focus will propel you to look for ways to increase your strength for the week.

This “one word” focus is a great method to help you pursue excellence in different areas of your personal fitness.

Now, if you are someone who likes to set goals, I would encourage you to take a moment to answer the following questions to help map your course.

Option 2: Map your fitness course
1.) Identify the benefits to accomplishing your fitness dream
2.) Identify the obstacles to achieving your fitness dream
3.) List your solutions to overcoming your obstacles

Determine a date when you would like to accomplish your big dream.

Forty days from today, what would you like to realize or accomplish?

You can use The Daniel Plan Journal to set goals and record your journey to the destination. Now that you have determined your initial word or markers, we want to inspire you to find what moves you.