When I opened the door to hand over my dog for her regular bath, it was clear there was something different about Kendal, our longtime mobile groomer. What was it?

“Have you lost weight?” I asked.

“I have!” he beamed. “Over 20 pounds so far!”

“Daniel Plan?” I ventured, fully expecting him to say, “What?” leaving me an opening to pitch the program. Instead, I was the one who got the surprise.

“Yes!” he said. “And not only am I losing weight, but I’ve also beat Type 2 diabetes!”

Well, I simply had to know more. And fortunately, Kendal had a newfound enthusiasm for sharing his story that needed no coaxing.

By Kendal Rock, edited by Peggy Matthews Rose

For years, I’d been battling health issues. Then my weight began skyrocketing and I couldn’t stop it. On to of that, anytime I ate carbs, I just fell right asleep. Finally, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I began praying in earnest for a solution.

I wasn’t going to church at the time, though I’d thought about going to Saddleback on and off over the years. I just never seemed to make it there. Then one Saturday I just drove up on to the campus to check it out. It turned out they were having a health expo that day! I knew then that God was listening and I was where I belonged.

I started attending services and heard all about the Decade of Destiny. Then Rick started talking about The Daniel Plan. I had to know more. So on January 15, I joined the 8,000+ others who were there to learn all about it.

I heard Dr. Oz, Dr. Hyman, and Dr. Amen, along with Pastor Rick, outline the plan that would change my life and I began implementing it right away.

Since then, I’ve eaten nothing but fruit and vegetables and I drink nothing but water. I work out every night and on weekends at L.A. Boxing and I’m building muscle. So far, I’m down 25 pounds, and best of all, there’s no sign of the diabetes anymore.

I still have a long way to go to my weight goal, but The Daniel Plan is working. I feel fantastic! I get up early every day just raring to go. I can’t believe my new energy level. I think God must be pretty proud of me!

As a bonus, my son, Thomas, and my wife, Bree, have begun attending church with me. Thomas was living up north and feeling despondent about his life, so I invited him to come down here and I would teach him how to do what I do. In the process, he has seen what God is doing in my life.

Everywhere I go in my business now, I get to talk to people about what God is doing. He is using Saddleback Church and The Daniel Plan, through me, to draw people to Christ. What more could I want?

If anyone is wondering if The Daniel Plan is for them, I say, “Go for it.” Not quite ready to give up your doughnuts? I can show you all the bottles of medicine I was taking before and maybe that would convince you. I believe America needs to address the problem of over-processed food in our country that is slowly and silently killing people. The Daniel Plan shows us how to eat God’s way, with food he created for our bodies—not food man makes that gets us sick. Take it from me—when you get on The Daniel Plan, you’ll finally start to really live!