Lentils and quinoa are both a good source of strong plant protein. This is a good recipe for integrating vegetable scraps from other food preparations. The more the merrier when it comes to adding vegetables to this soup!

4 servings


    • – 1 cup dried quinoa


    • – 1½ cup dried lentils


    • – 6 cups vegetable stock


    • – 1 Roma tomato, diced


    • – 1 onion, diced


    • – 1 cup diced celery


    • – 2 cups diced carrots


    • – 2 cloves garlic, minced


    • – 1 tablespoon Kosher or sea salt


    • – Black pepper


    • – 1/3 cup fresh parsley (optional)


1. Cook the quinoa according to the package instructions. Set aside.
2. Combine lentils through pepper in a large stockpot or a crock-pot. If using a stockpot, bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce heat, and let simmer covered for approximately 30 minutes. Stir the soup every 15 minutes or so to prevent lentils from sticking.
3. Add the quinoa. Stir the mixture well, cover the pot on low heat for another 15 minutes.
4. If using a crock-pot, place ingredients in the pot, and place on medium heat for 4-6 hours, depending on your piece of equipment. When ready to enjoy, place the quinoa into the pot, stir well, and let sit on medium heat for 15 minutes before serving.
5. Garnish with fresh parsley and pepper. This soup will keep for 3 days in the refrigerator.