Be made new in the attitude of your minds. —Ephesians 4:23

Thoughts and attitudes are important because they determine what you feel. Thoughts, attitudes, and feelings then determine what you do. Some of your thoughts are on the surface of your mind, and you’re aware of them. But some of your thoughts and attitudes are rooted deep down in your heart, and you’re seldom consciously aware of them.

I’ll never change.
I’ve been like this my whole life.
I can’t do it.
I’m too busy.

When thoughts like these well up from deep inside us, they block us from doing the things God wants us to do.

What can we do about these thoughts that have been rooted inside us for years? We must invite the Holy Spirit to expose them so that we’re consciously aware of them. Then we can ask, “Is it true?” That’s a crucial question about any thought that is an obstacle to change. Then the Holy Spirit will help us uproot thoughts that aren’t true. He is eager to help. Ask him.

Food for Thought: Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the deep-rooted negative thoughts that stand in your way to transformation.