I have given you the seed-bearing plants throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food. —Genesis 1:29 TLB

As you start to eat real food, your cravings and addictions will be replaced by deep pleasure and satisfaction from naturally sweet things, such as a variety of delicious fruits, as well as vegetables like red bell peppers. Dr. Mark Hyman says, “The power of real food creates an abundant, healthy life. You can get the most powerful life-giving energy from your food.”

Health starts in the kitchen. The best thing we can do for our health is to focus on all the amazing foods that God has given us. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds—all these he has graciously given to us. The Bible says, “How abundant are the good things that you have stored up for those who fear you” (Psalm 31:19 NIV)

Food is information. It has the ability to change our genes. It can completely rearrange things, reverse conditions, and give us the vitality we were created to have. Once you start to enjoy real food, you’ll never want to settle for less.

Food for Thought: God has given us an amazing array of foods to nourish and replenish us. What amazing choice will you try today.