With 2012 approaching, we have the opportunity to take our New Year’s resolutions more seriously with the support of The Daniel Plan. One way, is to write a “manifesto.”

What is a Manifesto? It’s a public declaration of your goals! Share it with your small group and make 2012 the healthiest year ever!

Here are some possible health goals to get you started:


  • I resolve to start/join a small group and be the group’s Health Champion.
  • I resolve to find an accountability partner to stay on the healthy path with.
  • I resolve to lose weight __ pounds.
  • I resolve to lower my body fat percentage to ___%
  • I resolve to eat healthier, eliminating the foods I know I should avoid.
  • I resolve to exercise regularly, trying new exercises and keeping it fun!
  • I resolve to honor God daily with a quiet time of prayer and reflection of my goals.
  • I resolve to encourage others to better health.
  • I resolve to set short-term goals throughout the year, work to achieve them, then reward myself every time I accomplish something new.