With the new year, we’ve improved some areas of our website, www.danielplan.com to give you a new look and help give you exactly what you’re looking for at a moment’s notice.




  • First, notice we’ve changed the Navigation tabs to simplify finding information, organized by EAT, MOVE, THINK, HEAL and CONNECT.
  • We also added a MEDIA Center, where our videos are hosted and organized by topic.
  • For those who just want the bottom line of what to eat and do on the plan, we’ve added the Daniel Plan “AT-A-GLANCE” page which breaks down the plan onto one page.
  • We’re introducing the “Simple Six” core principles as well. During the first six weeks, tackle each core principle each week, or go at your own pace. We’ve aligned the material to be a companion to the Small Group study materials.
  • To get started on The Daniel Plan, click on the “START” tab and complete your profile. On that same page, you can begin watching the first of six video and materials from the small group study, as well as begin learning the “Simple Six.”
  • You may also notice we’ve enhanced the site with an accent color and continue to improve the weekly email that alerts you to changes on the site.
  • Coming up! We plan on hosting a Community Board in the “CONNECT” tab where you can, well, connect with others on our site. Share recipes, ideas, resources, make new friends and ask our panel of experts for advice!