There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. —Romans 8:1

All change starts with acceptance. Until you feel accepted by God, you’re going to continue to be caught in a cycle of defeat, failure, guilt and recrimination.  So in the greatest chapter on change in Scripture, it starts by saying, if you belong to Christ, God does not condemn you. Are you everything you need to be? No. Are you in the best shape you could be? No. But God says, “There is no condemnation.” He welcomes you to a path not of perfection, but of ongoing change.

Instead of being motivated for these changes out of guilt, pressure, or fear of not measuring up, let God’s acceptance encourage you. Your worthiness comes from your relationship to Christ because you’re forgiven. You’re cleansed. The Holy Spirit has freed you from the vicious cycle of sin and death. You’re living by grace, not by condemnation.”

Food for Thought: If you struggle today, remind yourself that there is no condemnation for you, but rather God’s full acceptance and welcome.