The Daniel Plan knows you’re out there…You’ve been under the radar, quietly losing weight, feeling great and haven’t told us about your journey. Although we’ve had hundreds of stories pour in, your’s has yet to be told.

During the month of July, we want to uncover untold stories.

It’s time to tell us how you’re doing. What you’ve learned. How life has changed. What results you’ve seen, and tips you’d like to share with others–no matter how big or small you feel your progress has been, you would be surprised at how encouraging even the littlest encouraging word can have on somebody.

  1. Explain one or two of your primary health and/or lifestyle challenges prior to the Daniel Plan.
  2. Why did you start the Daniel Plan? How did you hear about it?
  3. What has been the most significant changes and things you have learned, since getting on the Daniel Plan?
  4. What results have you experienced?
  5. What advice would you give to others to get started or continue?

Additionally, we plan to select about 30 people to record a brief video segment on Friday, July 15. This is another great way to share your story and tips while on The Daniel Plan!

So, sit down, turn on your computer, open a word document and answer the questions. Then email us at [email protected]. We only need 600 – 800 words, and would love a photo or two. If you are available on July 15, from 9am-7pm, then let us know that as well!

We look forward to learning more!