Encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today.” —Hebrews 3:13

The phrase “one another” is used fifty-eight times in the New Testament. It says love one another, care for one another, encourage one another, support one another, pray for one another, greet one another, and share with one another. The word support carries the idea of strengthening one another.

Help one another become more capable of facing the challenges of health and living for Christ.

So reach out for support, and also consider who needs support from you today. Biblical fellowship is a radical level of friendship and community that implies deep commitment out of genuine and joyful love for one another.

God wired us in such a way that we need each other. We get well in community. You need your coworkers, your family, the people who sit near you in church, the parents of your children’s friends—even if you don’t yet know their names, or even if you find them difficult at times.

Food for Thought: With a loving community of friends, you’ll be better able to cope with challenges like fatigue, fear, frustration, failure, depression, and despair. And most importantly, you won’t have to walk through them alone.