Just a few weeks into The Daniel Plan and many participants report positive progress and encouraging comments. Additionally, we had more than 8,100 people watch the kick-off health and fitness seminar, more than 8,535 people who filled out the basic health profile, 2,132 completed the health survey, 770 completed the extended health survey, 8,190 agreed to participate in the clinical study and we’ve added 522 new small groups!

Below are some entertaining examples posted on DanielPlan.com in the last week.

Wow! My cravings are almost non-existent. I was dreading how I would feel when my sugar/salt cravings kicked in, but I am amazed at how good l feel!

I’m jumping off that “unknown cliff” as well. That’s the best part of the Daniel Plan so far: That we are doing this all together…and doing it as an act of worship to God!

Dr. Amen – I need to tell you I think you have saved our lives. My husband Kirt and I are so committed to the Daniel Plan that we have talked about perhaps starting a chapter here in Tucson at our church. We need to get healthy and this was JUST what the doctor ordered!

I am looking to lose 15 pounds of the bad stuff and add 20 pounds of muscle. Eating right, aerobics and weightlifting. I am sure I can do it.

Pastor Rick, I love your jokes but this poem is awesome. I typed it out and framed it to put in my kitchen. Thanks so much.

It’s all about getting the 6-pack abs people! Ha ha j/k 🙂 Wishing you all success with your goal to be healthy!!!

This is so awesome! I had two strokes last summer and started on a severe change in my diet. It is so exciting to see that with all of your suggestions and the changes I was making that I am on the right track to lowering my cholesterol. Thank you so much Pastor Rick for helping us all.

Proof God puts the right people in our lives to help us succeed: My husband and I walked in the door to our first Daniel Plan small group meeting last night with french fries in hand, having just scarfed down In-N-Out for dinner and our group hosts had fresh fruit and veggie platters out for us to snack on. Perfect timing. 🙂

Dr Oz: This is a great teaching and it is not very difficult to understand. Thanks for keeping it simple!

I am so THANKFUL for this educational/information that is so well presented with LOVE!!!! I have sent the link out to friends and family and we can pray for each other! I am convinced that prayer is the key to get God’s help/power for this kind of change in my life! I need it! Thanx church! Romans 12:5

SO blessed to be part of Saddleback Church with a very intelligent, heaven-sent Pastor Rick. We are sharing this Daniel Plan website to our friends and relatives scattered all over the world. Our heartfelt thanks to Pastor Rick. We cannot thank you enough for everything you do for the Glory of God and His church! We love you!

As I prayed and asked God for direction this morning, I found the Daniel Plan online. I’m home full time since November 2010 w/Rheumatoid Arthritis. The treatments haven’t worked and I’ve become more unhealthy than ever. I hope to change this with this plan and Bible study.

Myself and nine other people watched today’s kickoff on my TV at home. We all left excited and committed to change our health. This will change more lives than just Saddleback. I can’t wait to see all of our results being talked about on national TV. This is going to be big. Thank you Pastor Rick, I love that you dream so big!

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